An orgasm and a million due earrings

Since I was little I always dreamed of the day I married, had my own house and my children. The idea was more like the illusion of “playing to have a doll house”. Like me, I know that many women marry without clearly understanding the great responsibility that a marriage and a home entail. It seems, that the love we feel is a shield that will protect us from any situation, temptation and challenge. Many years later I can say that the feeling itself is not enough and that what we call love has little to do with that feeling of butterflies in the stomach that we felt when that boy was flirting with us. Leer más...

10 Things That Make My Teenage Daughter Happy

In the twinkling of an eye, my little girl has become an entire teenager, bubbling with pure fire in her veins. Her mood swings sway more than the swing of a trapeze player and I swear that on more than one occasion I have questioned what it is that I am doing badly as a mother that I cannot see her 100% happy. Ha! What an illusion! To think that I am responsible for the ruckus of those ruthless hormones. Then when I remember my own adolescence, I realize that she is in a fascinating stage that I must enjoy myself equally to the others that have preceded. Well, some time ago I started a plan of action to get closer to her heart and find a way that to be close to her at a time where all her fibers scream independence. Leer más...

New Year Resolution

We have started the year and I want to share some New Year Resolution ideas.

*Be honest.

* Work with passion.

*Believe in yourself.

* Look for excellence in everything you do.

* Get Educated.

* Cultivate your mind.

* Watch less television and read more.

* Look for physical excellence. Eat healthy and exercise. Leer más...

Sexting. The unknown enemy.

Each week, one or two cases of sexting come to my office. Shattered and confused parents who accompany their son or daughter. In many cases, these boys and girls who range between 11 and 18 years have lost looks, empty, broken hearts and seem to carry an unbearable weight. Many parents do not know about this common practice of our youth and one of the best strategies to be able to guide and protect our children is precisely informing us. Leer más...