New Year Resolution

We have started the year and I want to share some New Year Resolution ideas.

*Be honest.

* Work with passion.

*Believe in yourself.

* Look for excellence in everything you do.

* Get Educated.

* Cultivate your mind.

* Watch less television and read more.

* Look for physical excellence. Eat healthy and exercise. Leer más...

10 things you can do with your teen

There are parents who complain that having children at home is to live totally exhausted by the amount of energy that is invested in supervising them, taking care of them, feeding them, in order to nourish them in every sense of the word. However, believe me that having teenagers can be really challenging but at the same time fascinating. As a mother of two teenagers, I can tell you that one of the great challenges is to find common interests, not to judge their preference and get them interested in ours. Undoubtedly, these guys cry out for independence and yes, it is necessary to let go. Remember that you are already against the clock and every moment of quality that you spend with them are treasures, because very soon, they will be gone, out of the house and you will miss them terribly. Leer más...