New Year Resolution

We have started the year and I want to share some New Year Resolution ideas.


*Be honest.

* Work with passion.

*Believe in yourself.

* Look for excellence in everything you do.

* Get Educated.

* Cultivate your mind.

* Watch less television and read more.

* Look for physical excellence. Eat healthy and exercise.

* Learn how to handle stress.

* Reuse, reduce and recycle.

* Learn how to manage your finances.

* Make the right investment.

* Plan a trip this year and do it.

* Help others anonymously. Volunteer at least one time.

* Build good and new memories with your love partner and your children.

* Invest more in memories than in material things.

* Call your grandparents and parents more. Set a schedule to share with them, maybe once a month.

* Restore your relationship with God or with that Supreme Being in which you believe and trust.

* Laugh more.

* Learn something new (each member of the family can decide one, such as learning a language or learning to dance salsa)

* Drink more water.

* Plant a tree, take care of it and watch it grow.

* Print the children’s digital photos and make your albums.

* Create a family ritual.

* Travel around the country and learn more about your own country.

* Challenge a fear. For example, learn to swim.



As you plan the New Year’s resolution, you need to remember a few things:


* Make realistic and practical plans.

* Execute your plan. A plan without action is just a dream.

* Plan effectively.

* Big goals need to be broken down into several goals (micro goals).

* Connect resolutions with what is important to you, not what you “should” do.

* Family goals should be meaningful to the whole family, and it is important that you explain to the children why they will do this or those.

* That your plans and goals do not overpower those of other members of your family.

* And if you are a believer like me, whatever you decide, present it to God and surrender to Him. Let Him be your guide and allow yourself to enjoy every step of it, from visualization, planning to execution.


If you already have your personal resolutions and want to share some with me, I will be happy to read it and comment.


Kisses and hugs from me for you.