10 things you can do with your teen

There are parents who complain that having children at home is to live totally exhausted by the amount of energy that is invested in supervising them, taking care of them, feeding them, in order to nourish them in every sense of the word. However, believe me that having teenagers can be really challenging but at the same time fascinating. As a mother of two teenagers, I can tell you that one of the great challenges is to find common interests, not to judge their preference and get them interested in ours. Undoubtedly, these guys cry out for independence and yes, it is necessary to let go. Remember that you are already against the clock and every moment of quality that you spend with them are treasures, because very soon, they will be gone, out of the house and you will miss them terribly.

Today I want to share 10 things I do with my teens and I have reported very good results.

  1. See a series together.
  2. Every week see a classic movie of my times. For example, we have seen Grease, Top Gun, The Godfather’s Saga, Forrest Gump, Brave Heart, The Patriot, Bueller’s Day Off Ferries, among others.
  3. Plan a trip together inside the country. I cannot deny that we love roadtrips!
  4. Play Just Dance. Yep, here we get all silly and we have a great time.
  5. Have real, honest and open conversations. We do this very often. I always try to take advantage of any opportunity that is presented to me. It could be a voice note warning that I get in my WhatsApp of something that has happened or bring current issues. I always try to ask open questions about what they think about it. They have also brought interesting topics that have motivated me to surf the web to catch up. To speak without fears or judgments is one of our strengths that have allowed us to connect.
  6. Cook something together even if the mess is multiplied by 10.
  7. Play board-games. Our favorites are the Chinese Patches and the Trivia Pursuit. Whenever we play, we fight, we accuse ourselves of cheating and we laugh like crazy. We definitely have a blast!
  8. Make a party with their friends and share with them. We have play roll as bartenders, cooks, Dj as long as they have a good time and we are with them enjoying while we get to know their friends a little bit better.
  9. With my daughter, we love to go out window-shopping and end up in a cafe drinking Frappuccino and some sandwich.
  10. With my son, I have been able to go to videogame conventions in order to know a little more about the gaming culture that is so difficult for me to understand.

As you can see my friends, we are in this journey –being parents of teenagers- together. I hope this list has given you some good ideas. I will love that if you have some suggestions for me please share them with me.

Kisses and hugs from me to you. Until next time!